Rising internet and mobile phone penetration have evolved the E-commerce industry taking significant stride, and completely changed the way Companies has been serving its customers. Companies availing this technology are selling Products to Services over E-commerce. Industry like; Banking, Retail, Logistic etc. have changed their face and speed of their service to achieve excellence.

The benefits of E-commerce include; its around-the-clock availability, the speed of access, a wider option of goods and services, accessibility, and international reach. To ensure the security, privacy and effectiveness of E-commerce, businesses should authenticate business transactions, control access to resources such as webpages for registered or selected users, encrypt communications and implement security technologies such as the Secure Sockets Layer.

Convalida has been part of this journey and delivering state-of-art solutions and supporting them for their Clients, and helping them increasing their business multi fold. We have been able to secure our 100% Clients through providing excellent service and dedicated support to ensure smooth function of their online e-shops.

  • Convalida offers following services:
    • End-to-end E-commerce platform development
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Third party system Integration
    • Back-end Solution, for managing Sales, Distribution, Inventory and Accounting