Oracle Apps

The Oracle E-Business Suite provides comprehensive automation across your enterprise because all the applications comprising the suite are engineered to work together.

This Suite is is functionally complete with over 100 integrated product modules for every aspect of your business like professional services automation, supply chain management, enterprise asset management & most importantly customer relationship management, finance.

Oracle E- Business Suite is the first and only complete set of applications for the enterprise that are integrated around a single, comprehensive data model. Oracle provides a single definition of your customers, suppliers, employees, products -- all aspects of your business. Everyone in your company can access the same enterprise-wide data. Your marketing organization accesses the same customer information that your sales and order management departments are using.

Best-of-breed applications automate only bits and pieces of any given process, so marketing remains disconnected from sales, sales remains disconnected from finance.

What's more, it actually costs less to get better information! You can eliminate the duplicate data centers, hardware, and IT costs involved with multiple databases around the world.

Our Oracle Apps offering includes


All Application Versions ( 11.x,11.5.x, 12.x and 12.2.x )

Integration to third party system with Oracle Apps (Interfaces)

Application customizations and extensions (RICE)

OA Framework Development

Data Conversions

Oracle Alerts

Oracle Report Development (6i & 10g)

Oracle BI Reports (XML Publisher Reports)

Oracle Workflow Customizations



Creation Of database objects to support business rules (Package, Procedure, Function & Triggers)

All Database Versions ( 7.x,8.x,8.1.x,9.2.x,10g and 11g )

Database Design